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Cassette - Rainscreen Systems

A façade suite that incorporates a rainscreen cassette system has many advantages over a proprietary panel on rail system because the cassette is generally designed to be installed over a unitised system that integrates the air seal (and insulation). This is the key flexible advantage that allows the designer to freely design flat or 3-dimensional panels over the façade, which under normal circumstances may become complex or even impossible junctions to manage with regard to weathering.

A cassette system may incorporate folded ACM, zinc, stainless steel, surface finished aluminium or terracotta.

Thermosash have engineered a unique method of fitting of brackets that eliminate potential wind uplift and, because of the unitised panel supporting the cassettes, also absorb seismic or differential structural movements without compromising any of the junction or critical weathering detailing.

Product Features

  • An extremely adaptable system that allows bespoke designed elements to be incorporated confidently, with no concern of creating complex junctions that will leak.

  • Minimizes junctions between trades.
  • Versatile bracketing system that allows for a vast variety of materials to be incorporated.
  • A system that allows seamless integration of ancillary components such as brackets for solar shading, signage brackets etc that do not penetrate the wet zone, thereby eliminating the chance of leakage.

Section & Panel Sizes

As the cassettes or panels are generally fixed over a panelwall (PW) system the primary structure, air barrier and insulation panel section size is either 100 / 150 / 200mm + the cassette section, which is generally only limited by the original material size availability or the receiving panel - optimized to manage waste / control cost. 


We recommend using  Masterspec 4211TS Thermosash Curtainwalling when specifying this system.

Surface Finishing 

Whilst a cassette system could be made up of practically any folded metal such as stainless steel, zinc or steel, when specifying aluminum the following finishes are available:

Polyester powdercoat  - Both standard and special colours available.
Anodised - All anodised colours available - commercial grade 20 micron finish recommended.
PVF2 Flourocarbon finishes - Available on request.

Performance / Testing

  • AS/NZS1170 (Structural Design Actions)
  • NZS4223 (Glazing in Buildings)
  • NZS/AS4284:2008 (Water / Air Pressure/ Air Leakage - Meets and exceeds minimum requirements)

Maximum Spanning Ability

Thermosash specifically engineers the best suite option for your project taking into consideration span, structural system, load imposed by the cassettes and wind loading. The spanning ability will vary depending on the above.

Thermosash Suites are recognized as having the largest spanning systems on the market due to our specific engineering capability and the customised nature of the work we complete.


The standard warranty is 5 years from the date of practical completion for these products. This covers workmanship and weather tightness, providing the subcontract includes fabrication, installation and glazing of all components. 

Downloads Available 

Please go to our resource section or click below for the relevant downloads: 
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