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Thermosash Environment and Sustainability Statement

It is well documented that the New Zealand Commercial Construction industry is responsible for over 50% of waste disposed to landfills. Records from 2006 state that this equates to 1.578 million tonnes.* Report: Environment New Zealand 2007

Thermosash believes that off-site façade prefabrication including unitised panels which incorporate fractional sized materials from source, contribute to a significant reduction in commercial waste compared with traditional onsite 'pieces and parts' construction methods, therefore less impact on the environment. Thermosash’s environmental strategy additionally provides for a more sustainable use of raw materials and reduced energy from raw product manufacture.

A large majority of the materials we use are either supplied to us for manufacture and assembly to a fractional size ex-factory or where the material has offcuts are recyclable.

Materials and Processes

Material Process Recyclable
Aluminium - extruded ordered to length or CNC cut to minimise waste , millings, refurbishment from site
Aluminium - sheet (Rolled) Procured to suit project – minimal waste
ACM – Aluminium Composite Material Procured to suit project – minimal waste
Skins recycled / core to waste
Other Metals Zinc, Stainless Steel, Copper, Galvanised Steel Sheet, Weathering Steel
Glass – Project Volumes Supplied ex works to fractional sizes No waste
Glass – Broken or Project refurbishment All types including laminated and insulated glass units
Insulation (Thermal / Fire / Acoustic) Project volumes – supplied to fractional size Minimal waste
Sealant Factory use Supplied in drums
Sealant Site use Supplied in sausages Minimal waste
Timber Crates Packaging of Imported materials
Transportation Reusable crates adjustable to fit all panel / aluminium lengths – no waste in material wrapping No waste
Cardboard / paper / Packing Fully Recycled by third party
Water Roof captured for high use non-potable processes
Onsite cranes and Hoisting equipment Our preference is to operate these electrically vs. diesel / petrol
Site waste Protective tapes & wraps / sealant sausages Managed by Main Contractor

Thermosash actively look for solutions in the manufacturing, transportation and installation process that minimise the impact on the environment.

Should you have any questions in regards to our Environment and Sustainability Statement please feel free to contact us