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Press Building

City: Christchurch
Architect: Baker Kavanagh / Weir Walker Architects
Construction Company: Ganellen Construction
Completed: 2010

This buildings façade was completed prior to the Christchurch earthquakes of 2011.

The buildings structure was designed to move 50mm / inter-floor horizontal movement - Through visual identification post earthquake via markings left from sliding flashings and shuffled internal partitions we believe it is possible the floors moved up to 200-250mm of horizontal movement - proving the building performed exceptionally well.

Of the Double glazed spider fixed front decade 25% of the panes suffered from shattering but remained in place - still held by the spider fixing - performing beyond expectations considering the considerable horizontal and vertical acceleration Christchurch was exposed to during the two large events of June 2011 5.9 & 6.0 Richter scale / December 2011 5.9 & 6.0 Richter scale.

All other curtain-wall elements were checked and re warranted for the client.

Products / Systems
Structural (Frameless) Glass Systems
Double Glazing - Commercial
PW400 4 sided mechanically engaged
Commercial Window Suite 40mm (Heavy Duty)