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The Crossing

City: Auckland
Architect: Jasmax / CDA Architects
Construction Company: Dominion Construction
Completed: 2013

The Crossing, developed by Goodman has been designed as one cohesive hub that brings on-line a restaurant /cafe/ office building of unique faceted shape (known as building 1) a 4 story Office building (Building 2), an accommodation building in the Quest (also known as building 4) with conference facilities - altogether as quoted by Goodman "the place to relax and socialize with friends. Restaurants, cafes and a range of convenience retail shops will help to create a lively and upbeat environment, a real heart of Highbrook".

Be sure to check out the time lapse video of the facade installation on Building 1

Thermosash provided all the facade elements for these buildings (with the exception of the precast concrete), each building having a unique design solution.

To view each building individually, click below:
Building 1 - Faceted Building
Building 2 - Quest Apartments
Building 3 - To be constructed
Building 4 - Office Building