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Viaduct Events Centre - External Blinds

City: Auckland
Architect: Moller Architects
Construction Company: Thermosash Commercial Ltd
Completed: 2012

Thermosash was engaged to provide an external solar shading solution to the existing Viaduct Event Centre as the low westerly sun was contributing to a glare and overheating solution within the convention centre. 

The high quality enamel coated external venetians are fully automated using a separate BMS unit to take into account, sun, wind speed and angle of adjustment of the Venetian blade. The set and forget BMS allows for momentary manual over-ride but will reset after a set period of time to programmed function - amongst many other programmable options.

The blade options are extensive from flexible enamel coated to a rigid aluminium extrusion as well as stainless steel wire guided to a more rigid channel guide system.

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