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Solar Shading Systems - Overview


Whether they are designed to be vertical or horizontal, Thermosash has a long history in solar shading. In the early 1990s Thermosash obtained the agency for a company called Dasolas from Denmark. We integrated the Unisun products across many projects - the first being the Museum of New Zealand in Wellington. 

Through re-engineering and constant development, Thermosash now has an enviable list of solar shading extrusions and systems that have been installed on projects for the last 20 years. Almost all projects are specifically engineered to ensure wind and seismic loadings are catered for - including the huge range of materials that can be accommodated, for example: glass, aluminum, zinc clad, folded ACM to name but a few, including our latest agency, Hella - External Venetian Blinds - all able to be BMS operated.

Thermosash offers the unique ability of ancillary components all able to be seamlessly integrated with our Thermosash suites - meaning NO LEAKS - the brackets also therefore often do not require any secondary structure to support the shading devices, downpipe brackets or signage etc, eliminating additional coordinated trades and an added advantage when trying to manage seismic differential movement amongst building elements.

If we don't appear to have the shape that you want amongst our designs (click here to go to our resource section on louvre sections) - often we can design one that will meet your needs. 

By shading your buildings externally, the key benefits are:

  • Keeps the radiant heat off the surface of the building - reducing heat load proven to lower building running costs.
  • Reduces radiant heat load from entering the building.
  • Increases occupant comfort at the perimeter of the building.
  • Reduces glare for occupant comfort.
  • Adds architectural aesthetic to the building envelope.
  • Can be incorporated or retrofitted to an existing facade

Section Sizes

Almost every fin situation is unique, if not in it's shape then it's connection to the façade or environmental loadings. Mechanical engineers will often create parameters to guide the design; our engineers will review spans and fixings to ensure that your fins are safe and secure. 

We recommend using Masterspec 4251TS Commercial Windows  or Masterspec 4211 Curtainwalls when specifying these integrated products.

Surface Finishing

There are numerous materials with which we can manufacture or clad louvers, fins or blades, including composite material, zinc or stainless steel, as well as solid glass. When they are manufactured from extruded aluminum or clad in sheet aluminum the following finishes are available:

Polyester powdercoat
  - Both standard and special colours available.
Anodised - All anodised colours available - commercial grade 20 micron finish recommended.
PVF2 Flourocarbon finishes - Available on request.

Performance / Testing

  • AS/NZS1170 (Structural Design Actions)
  • NZS4223 (Glazing in Buildings)
  • NZS/AS4284:2008 (Water / Air Pressure/ Air Leakage - Meets and exceeds minimum requirements)

Maximum Spanning Ability

Thermosash specifically engineers the best suite option for your project taking into consideration span, structural system, and environmental loads (e.g. wind). The spanning ability will vary depending on the above. 

Thermosash Suites are recognized as having the largest spanning systems on the market due to our specific engineering capability and the customised nature of the work we complete.


The standard warranty is 5 years from the date of practical completion for these products. This covers workmanship and weather tightness, providing the subcontract includes fabrication, installation and glazing of all components. 

Downloads Available 
Please go to our resource section or click below for the relevant downloads: 
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