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Thermosash Thermal Break Suite

Thermosash bought to the market a Thermal Break product in the mid-80's as part of the curtain wall 'stick' suite. Stick curtainwall systems have been superseded by the overall improved performance and install speed that is provided through unitised panel wall (Curtainwall) systems.

PW1000TB - Flush Glazed High performance Panel wall / Thermal Break
PW1000TI - Flush Glazed High performance Panel wall / Thermally Isolated

Until recently, Thermal break was not demanded in commercial construction in New Zealand in the same way it has in colder parts of the worls such as Northern Europe, other than where specified for high humidity spaces such as pool complexes or where there was a high  temperature differential expectation (i.e very hot outside vs conditioned internal space).

Now high performance buildings are looking to be further energy efficient and are seeking greater Thermal performance through improved suite sections. Thermosash's TI and TB series offer this solution - providing not only much improved reduced transmittance of heat load and heat loss - but exceeding industry codes on air filtration which is a significant component of building heating and cooling efficiencies.

It is important to note that the aluminium section alone does not provide the thermal performance often expected. Glass specification is a significant contributor to the overall mechanical performance requirement of a building. The larger the glass pane the better performing the panel will be on average.

The final performance of the curtainwall / panel wall suite is subject to many variables, from size of individual panels, glass performance, introduction of transoms and integrated solar shading (where bracketing may cause a cold link passage) and spandrel depth (insulation). Our team of designers and engineers are able to review your project and advise around the best solutions for your project. 

Benefits of this suite include:

  • Improved U Value of suite performance (reduced heat loading internally and reduced cold transfer in colder conditions
  • Exceeds code for minimal air leakage
  • Fast installation
  • Integrated spandrel insulation

Refer downloads for our PW1000TB (Thermal Break) Unitised High Performance Suites for full details on this product. 

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