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Safety – No Compromise

The construction industry is recognised as one of the highest risk industries – add to that, Thermosash work right on the edge of a building project all day. What makes our business is our people, we recognise that providing them a safe working environment will all the height training required for them to do their job well and remain safe at all times is of paramount importance.

We have a goal of zero work incidents for all our staff on every aspect of our industry, from manufacturing, transportation to installation. We believe th at this target is not only achievable – but is mandatory.

On the job

We understand that sites can get busy and programmes demanding, but this does not mean at any time that safety can be compromised. The training we give our people ensures that task analyses are completed for every unique aspect of a project, covering planning, strategies and all aspects of operational safety for our people.

In order to make the high risk job we do safer – we interrogate processes, reinvest heavily in high quality access and speciality installation plant including the manufacture some of our own speciality lifting equipment to improve productivity and safety.


All our lifting crews are certified to be operating the cranes and plant we use, are height safe certified and hold current site safe passports.