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Thermosash Intruder Test

Whilst glass manufacturers have been advancing technology in strength and forced entry resistance – the window frame plays an equally important role. In this 'Intruder Test' we engineered our own glass make-up and replicated an aggressive attack on a forced entry to a specialist glass and Thermosash frame combination with a mixture of axes and sledge hammers.

Thermosash Delta Shock Test

In this glass and frame combination impact test we assess for point impact resistance. The Thermosash engineered glass type, engagement of the glass, frame design and the integrity of the frame engineering are all integral elements of a successful installation to meet the frames purpose.


This short video demonstrates some applications of the Polyvision system. Polyvision (or Switchable Privacy glass) is the high tech glass that incorporates LCD technology into the interlayer of the laminated glass panel that enables the glass to become transparent or opaque at the flick of a switch. Used in boardrooms to bathrooms the product has many applications. If you are interested in viewing this technology in person – we have operable samples installed at our Auckland Woods Glass office – call us to arrange a time to view.


This Polytouch video demonstrates the integration of optical technology with glass. The system offers a long service life, high sensitivity, high resolution, supporting multi touch function and large touch size. Typically, we can supply touch systems from 60", 80", 100", with a present maximum size of up to 200". The Touch system is connected to a PC via USB cable, then can project the image or video on the screen by rear projector. You can operate the computer by directly touching on the screen. Creating an interactive window. This system works well in conjunction with LCD switchable glass – offering a switchable transparent glass to projector screen solution.